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Ao Nang is a central point of the coastal province of Krabi, Thailand. The town consists chiefly of a main street, which is dominated by restaurants, pubs, shops and other commerce aimed at tourists. The main beach is used by sunbathers to a certain extent, but there are a large number of longtail boats which offer access to other beaches on the mainland and on nearby islands.

There are a number of scuba diving centers, most of which offer basic diving courses. The islands outside Ao Nang are relatively easy to access and uncrowded compared to many of the diving sites around Phi Phi Island. Climbing is another activity widely available through centers in Ao Nang, although most of the climbs are actually in the areas around the Railay, Tonsai and Phra Nang beaches.

The main beach at Ao Nang is the main departure point for boats to a number of places, including the nearby resort of Railay (or Rai Leh), which cannot be accessed by road, Ao Nang's nightlife centers around three main areas, which are known locally as "Centerpoint", "The Soi" and "Bamboo Soi". Both Centerpoint (located along the main beach road) and The Soi or Soi RCA (about 200 meters up from the beach on the right just before McDonalds) contain bars offering loud music, bargirls and free pool. The strip of bars along Bamboo Soi (about 500 meters up from the beach opposite SCB bank) are a bit quieter and have nice views of Ao Nang's famous limestone cliff.

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Hot Springs at Ao Nang Just over an hour from Ao Nang are the hot springs, where you can relax in water that is more than warm - it's actually hot. The hot spring water cascades down a hillside, forming a waterfall where over the millenia the water has deposited minerals to form a series of natural bath-tubs - the perfect place to ease away aches and pains.

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Tuk-tuks in Ao Nang charge a flat 20 baht/person for trips around town. Songthaews also run all across Ao Nang onto the Shell Beach (See) and some all the way to Krabi town, fares from 10 baht up depending on distance. Renting a motorbike is a great way to explore some of the sites outside of Ao Nang. There are shops up and down the major strips and you can get a reliable bike for 24 hours for 150-200 baht.

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Hotels & Resorts in Ao Nang with detailed descriptions and photos. Secure your booking for any of the Accommodation in Ao Nang. Here is the main resort area and consists of a long beach, half of which is backed by a stunning backdrop of karst cliffs. The other half is developed with resorts and a beachfront road lined with commercial tourist businesses. It’s a pleasant and relaxed tourist area and a good base to enjoy a holiday in Ao Nang.